The Pete Store Announces 'Bilt for Service Commitment

The Pete Store Announces 'Bilt for Service Commitment

Baltimore, MD — September 11, 2014

The Pete Store, a Peterbilt dealer group with 11 locations from Delaware to Georgia, has unveiled an initiative to ensure consistently exceptional support across its network. The program, named the ‘Bilt for Service Commitment, centers on four key elements:

  • Diagnostics initiated within 60 minutes of service write-up
  • Formal quotes provided on all repairs not covered by warranty
  • Amenities for waiting drivers including free meals, Wi-Fi and comfortable lounges
  • 24/7 support through an After-Hours Concierge Service

“We have built a reputation in our markets for having outstanding parts and service departments,” said John Arscott, President and CEO of The Pete Store. “Our customers expect a lot from us, but we expect even more from ourselves. This program helps formalize our commitment to every customer, every day, at every dealership.” he concluded.

“The Pete Store consistently excels in customer relations, customer support and customer satisfaction,” said Mike Conroy, Director - Field Service for Peterbilt Motors Company. “With their latest commitment to quick diagnosis, price quotation and maximum customer uptime, The Pete Store again exemplifies their commitment to customer satisfaction and marketplace leadership.”

The program officially begins September 15th, 2014 and will be offered at each of the company’s 11 locations.

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