The Peterbilt Model 220 is the perfect compact medium-duty truck for urban applications. A low-weight chassis enables better fuel economy and lower emissions, and the single axel provides tighter handling and added maneuverability. With sensor-driven safety, multi-functional steering, electronic stability control, and many other ergonomic features, the Model 220 is built for the safety and comfort of our drivers.  

The exterior of the Model 220 features an expansive windshield ensuring an unobstructed view and safer ride. Extra-large side mirrors are installed to provide an extended rear view, above and around the truck along with an added heating component to these mirrors ensuring a clear line of sight in any type of weather. The 220’s doors open at 90 degrees and provide stair-style steps with non-slip treads ensuring a safe entry and exit from the truck. Sensor-driven safety ensures safer operation in the harshest road and weather conditions using an advanced braking system that combines collision mitigation, electronic stability, and automatic traction controls. Electronic stability control comes with the Wabco SmartTrac ESC providing more stability, directional control, and safer decelerations through selective braking. For easier servicing, the 220’s front panel opens to enable quick and easy access to the air filter, coolant, refrigerant, washer fluid, power-steering fluid and engine oil. The total weight of this model has been reduced by nearly 200 pounds thus preparing it for bigger payloads and better fuel-efficiency. 

The Model 220 comes with a spacious cab providing more width, height, and superior amenities making Peterbilt the driver’s choice. Rear-wall and cabin-width overhead compartments make storing essentials and freeing up cab space easy. Drivers will be able to track their truck’s performance and fuel economy using driver information display on an operation-critical display cluster. Multi-functional steering makes driving the Peterbilt 220 safer and more enjoyable by using conveniently located backlit cruise and audio controls.

The Peterbilt 220 comes with a fuel-efficient and lightweight PACCAR PX-7 engine equipped with the Common Rail Fuel System. Using the PACCAR engine, the model 220 can increase fuel efficiency without sacrificing performance or commercial-grade reliability.  


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