A Partner For The Road Ahead

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A Partner For The Road Ahead

The Pete Store is a growing network of Peterbilt truck dealerships, with locations spanning the Eastern United States. Through our exclusive Peterbilt dealerships we offer sales of new and pre-owned trucks, truck parts, body shops, and truck service. A recipient of numerous awards, including Peterbilt North American Dealer of the Year (2004, 2016 and 2018), The Pete Store is a respected dealer in the transportation industry with a track record for quality support.

Get to know The Pete Store

Here at The Pete Store we live by a set of principles we call our Rules of the Road. These rules dictate how we transact business, how we treat one another, and have become our definition of success. They are:

Under Commit And Over Deliver

Do what you say, then do a little (or a lot!) more.

Honesty is The Only Policy

When you tell the truth, the outcome is always better than the alternative.

Provide EXTRAordinary Service

Our goal is to provide memorable service and hospitality to our customers.  Genuine care, concern, and appreciation for each customer will be evident in everything we do.

Ask "How Can We Do It Better?"

There is always a better method, approach, or process and it is our responsibility to find it.  Look for opportunities others haven't seen and find simple solutions others wish they'd thought of.

Create Meaningful Relationships

With vendors, customers, and co-workers, it is vital that we take a genuine interest in getting to know others for who they are, rather than what they can do for us.

Do The Right Thing

We are not perfect, but we will always do our best, and do what is right - even when it is not in our best interest.

Provide Products of Outstanding Quality

We will only represent brands that reflect our high standards for quality and integrity.

Serve Our Communities

We are fortunate to live and work in great communities.  As a company, and as individuals, we have a responsibility to invest our time and resources to help make them even better.

Be Humble

We will have many accomplishments to be proud of, but must never be arrogant or boastful about them.  Instead, we will carry with us a quiet confidence in our ability and an understanding that what we do will speak for itself.

The Pete Store has grown from a single location in 2001, to one of the largest PACCAR dealers in the world today.


Our story begins in Toronto, Ontario, Canada in 1992.  Our founder, John C. Arscott was an employee of Peterbilt Motors Company and assigned with the task of finding a new dealer for the Greater Toronto market.


After an unsuccessful search, John Arscott and an investor founded Premier Peterbilt, Inc. in the spring of 1993. The venture proved to be a success with two more locations added over the next five years to support the Greater Toronto Area.


In 2001, Mr. Arscott sells his interest in Premier Peterbilt and purchases Peterbilt of Richmond, Inc. in Richmond, VA. Just six months later, Arscott acquires Peterbilt of Baltimore in Baltimore, MD.


The Pete Store is named the 2004 Peterbilt North American Dealer of the Year. Jeff Arscott, Mr. Arscott's eldest son, joins the business the same year.


A third location, Blue Ridge Peterbilt, opens in 2005 in Raphine, VA to support customers in Western Virginia along the I-81 corridor. Greg Arscott, Mr. Arscott's second son, joins the business.


In 2007, The Pete Store acquires a Peterbilt dealer group with locations in Knoxville, TN, Greenville, SC, and Ringgold, GA.


The Pete Store delivers the world's first Class-8 Hybrid Truck to Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.


The Peterbilt Store - Columbia opens its doors in Columbia, SC.


The Peterbilt Store - Northern Virginia opens in Springfield, VA.


The Peterbilt Store - North Georgia is damaged by an F4 Tornado.


The Peterbilt Store - Delaware opens in Seaford, DE.


The Pete Store acquires certain assets of Elliott/Wilson Capitol trucks including locations in Landover, MD and Manassas, VA.


The Peterbilt Store - Richmond severely damaged by fire.


The Peterbilt Store - Hagerstown opens in Hagerstown, MD.


The Peterbilt Store - Richmond unveils new 27,000 square-foot facility.


The Pete Store is named PACCAR Engine Dealer of the Year.


The Pete Store enters the New England market with the purchase of Peterbilt territory in Massachusetts. A new location in Plainville, Massachusetts opens its doors shortly thereafter.


The Pete Store is named Peterbilt North American Dealer of the Year.


The Peterbilt Store - Greenville moves into new 50,000, 17.5-acre location in Duncan, SC.


The Peterbilt Store - Savannah opens its doors in Pooler, Georgia.


Two locations are added to the New England footprint with the addition of stores in Tewksbury, MA and Fitchburg, MA.


The Peterbilt Store - Gainesville opens in Gainesville, Virginia


The Pete Store is named Peterbilt North American Dealer of the Year for the second time in three years.


The Peterbilt Store - Chesapeake opens its doors in Chesapeake, Virginia.


The Peterbilt Store - Western Massachusetts opens in Springfield, MA. 


The Peterbilt Store - Columbia moves into new, 40,000 sq. ft. facility in West Columbia, South Carolina


The Pete Store acquires Palm Peterbilt Truck Centers, a Peterbilt dealer group with 6 locations in South Florida.


The Pete Store acquires Peterbilt of Connecticut, Inc. in Berlin CT, Truck Center, Inc. in North Haven, CT and Peterbilt of Rhode Island, Inc in Johnston, RI.


We are committed to making a tangible, sustainable difference in our communities. As part of this commitment, The Pete Store donates tens of thousands of dollars per year through our unique employee driven donation program which gives each employee $250/year to donate to a cause of their choice. 


Starkey Hearing Foundations' mission is simple, but the scope is immense: Donate, Fit, and provide aftercare for more than 100,000 people annually suffering from hearing loss all over the world. To date, they have helped 1.2 Million people with hearing loss in over 100 countries. The Pete Store is proud to be a supporting partner of Starkey Hearing Foundation to advance its mission of bringing the gift of hearing to those in need around the world. This is truly a transformational organization on the front lines making a difference.

To learn more about the Starkey Hearing Foundation and how you can help bring the gift of hearing to those who live in a silent world, visit www.StarkeyHearingFoundation.org


Every year, The Pete Store participates in fundraising efforts to benefit St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. St. Jude is a pioneering organization that focuses on finding cures and prevention methods for childhood illnesses. Through the use of bake sales, cookouts, raffle contests, hot dog sales, and more, our employees come together and raise thousands of dollars for an amazing cause.

For more information on St. Jude, visit www.stjude.org