A Partnership In Quality


The Pete Store brings together two names that are synonymous with quality: Peterbilt and Cottrell. With a combined 110 years of market leadership, Peterbilt and Cottrell deliver a wide range of solutions to the auto transport industry that you can depend on.


With Cottrell Headquarters just 85 Miles from our doorstep, The Pete Store can offer a level of total support that is simply without equal. This proximity allows us to deliver units faster, solve any issues with greater speed and ultimately save your business time and money.


As an authorized Cottrell and Peterbilt dealer, The Pete Store can offer factory support including on your truck, head rack and trailer. In addition, our locations spanning from Delaware to Georgia deliver 600 miles of continuous “Car Haulers Welcome” support on the East Coast. Read about our Service Commitment HERE.


Our reputation in the the trucking business is one based on honesty and living up to our word. When you choose The Pete Store, you are placing your faith is a trusted company with a history of taking care of it’s customers - no matter the size. Learn more about The Pete Store HERE.