With today’s trucks becoming increasingly sophisticated and up-time as critical as ever, a truck service partner plays a vital role in the success of your fleet. When choosing a service partner, you need someone who understands your business, and is well-equipped to deliver timely support and exceptional value. Here at The Pete Store, we believe we’re ideally suited to handle your service needs; here are a few reasons why.

The Pete Store Truck Service


Just as it is important for your business to find, train and, retain the very best drivers, it is as equally important for us employ the very best technicians. Our service difference begins and ends with our technicians, so we invest hundreds of thousands of dollars every year to train and equip them with tools to be the very best at their trade. Nowhere else will you find the same level of expertise and commitment to quality.


It was once said that “Nobody can be everything to everyone”, and frankly we couldn’t agree more. We have chosen to exclusively  represent the Peterbilt brand and it’s major component suppliers so our team can deliver an unrivaled level of support and expertise to your fleet. Another benefit of this commitment is the availability of parts: With one of the largest PACCAR parts inventories in the country we can dramatically reduce downtime and expensive shipping costs for parts. When you come to The Pete Store, you can be confident that we know your truck better than anyone else.


We know how important dependable, quality service is to your organization. While hard work, a great attitude and the best intentions are key ingredients, they alone are not enough to deliver you a consistently world-class experience. At The Pete Store we employ the latest in Six Sigma and Lean strategies to ensure that regardless of location, department, or time of day, you will get our very best.  So what does Six Sigma and Lean mean for you? Simply put: More of the right parts on the shelf, higher quality repairs, less time in the shop and more of your time spent on the road making money.

Peterbilt Truck Care

5-Star Treatment

While your equipment is in our shop you can feel confident that your drivers will be treated right. Our motto is every customer should be “treated like a guest in our home”. From our comfortable drivers lounges, to our free customer lunches and even loaner cars at select locations – our service professionals go above and beyond to make downtime, well, not quite so down.

Learn more about our commitment to service or to inquire about what The Pete Store can do for you, please Contact Us.

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