PACCAR has been a quality leader for over 100 years with a hard earned reputation for best-in-class reliability. The PACCAR MX is no different. When the engineers set out to build an engine worthy of the PACCAR name they began with the lofty goal of achieving a B-10 engine, an engineering standard requiring that 90% will reach 1,000,000 miles without requiring an engine overhaul. This is far higher than the industry standard of 50%. PACCAR spent $1 Billion and conducted over 50 Million real-world testing miles to ensure this is the most advanced and reliable engine on the road today.


The Paccar MX has Efficiency built in to nearly every aspect of the engine. From its extensive usage of Compacted Graphite Iron, and revolutionary Fractured Cap Technology, to its crankshaft without counterweights, and its unique lube module that extends service intervals to 40,000 miles. When it comes to up-time and operational efficiency, the PACCAR MX sets the standard.

Born in the USA

PACCAR FactoryEach PACCAR MX is manufactured to your vehicles exact specifications in our world-class $400 Million facility in Columbus, Mississippi. This manufacturing facility is among the most technologically advanced in the world to ensure that quality, durability, and reliability are built into every engine, every time.


There are 600+ locations throughout the US and Canada who are certified and ready to support you. The Pete Store covers you with 9 locations in 6 states.

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We have 36 trucks with PACCAR MX Engines available.

  • 2013 Peterbilt 384

    2013 Peterbilt 384

    • 431 HP
    • Paccar MX
    • 10 Speed
  • 2016 Peterbilt 389

    2016 Peterbilt 389

    • 500 HP
    • Paccar MX
    • 18 Speed
  • 2011 Peterbilt 386

    2011 Peterbilt 386

    • 455 HP
    • Paccar MX
    • 9/13 Convertible
  • 2011 Peterbilt 384

    2011 Peterbilt 384

    • 430 HP
    • Paccar MX
    • 10 Speed

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