Alternative Fuel Vehicles


As a proven technology leader, Peterbilt now offers the widest range of Natural Gas Vehicles in both CNG and LNG configurations. From the spark-ignition ISL-G rated at 320hp/1000 lb.ft.torque to the 15 liter Westport GX engine offering 475hp/1,750 lb.ft.torque, we have the right solution available for you today.

Why Natural Gas?

Beyond the compelling economic benefits Natural Gas can offer your operation, one of the most attractive aspects is the fuel is sourced almost entirely from North America. In fact, experts estimate that in the United States alone we have enough to supply the world for over 100 years. They don´t call it "America´s Fuel" for nothing!

What is the payback?

While the upfront cost for a natural gas truck can be expensive, many fleets are able to realize 100% ROI within their second year of operation. This payback comes not from gains in efficiency, but rather the difference in pricing between diesel and natural gas - sometimes as much as 60%. Simply put, if you run more than 100,000 miles per year, natural gas could deliver significant long term savings to your fleet.

Will Natural Gas work for my fleet?

While most applications could utilize natural gas vehicles, those where trucks are consistently garaged in one location (tethered) are best. Some fleet applications currently receiving benefits from Natural Gas include: Bulk haulers, garbage trucks, cement trucks, roll off trucks, local and regional distributors.

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