Our PacLease program described in one word? Flexibility. With literally hundreds of leasing and rental options, we can customize a program to fit the needs of your business. Our value driven programs are designed to maximize your bottom line while minimizing the administrative burden. From full service leases to daily rentals we have a solution that’s right for your company.

The PacLease Difference

  • Locally owned and operated so things get done faster - No calling corporate for approval.
  • Custom Specs - We sit down with you and build the ideal truck for your vocation. Because one size does not fit all.
  • OnBoard Computing - Track, manage and measure your fleet with ease.
  • eAdmin - Digital fuel tax reporting and drivers logs - You'll have to find something to do with all of that free time.
  • Peterbilt Trucks - Increased uptime, superior driver retention, improved image - Our trucks set the standard by which all others are judged.
  • Selection: We offer a wide selection of rental trucks including Day Cabs, Sleepers, Box Trucks and Refrigerated Vans.

Learn more about the benefits of PacLease Leasing and arrange a needs assessment, call Mike Rogers at (888) 643-7383 or Contact Us.

Commercial Truck Rental

Whether you are looking to fulfill seasonal demands, augment your fleet, or utilize a vehicle while yours is receiving repairs, our PacLease truck rental program is an effective, affordable option. We maintain a large fleet of vehicles and support them 24/7 with our nationwide network of service partners. Ask us for a rental quote today!

Easy Come, Easy Go: From our simple check-in/check-out process to various payment options, truck rental has never been so easy.

24/7/365 Nationwide Support: With PacCentral, our award-winning roadside assistance program, you're never alone.

It's not a truck, it's a Peterbilt: Our fleet consists exclusively of premium late model Peterbilt trucks.

Powered by PacLease: Together with PacLease, we offer all the benefits of a large leasing company with the flexibility of local ownership.

Full Service Commercial Leasing

Our full service leasing program offers a worry-free, cost effective way for you to leverage the flexibility of operating your own fleet without compliance and maintenance burdens. When you partner with PacLease you gain access to one of the largest networks of service providers in the country, superior spec-ing flexibility, personal service and world-class Peterbilt trucks at a surprisingly affordable cost.

Finance Lease

With rapidly changing technology and increasing acquisition costs, some of our traditional finance customers have found value in finance leases, otherwise known as FMV(fair market value) or MMLA (managed maintenance lease agreement). These value-driven financial products allow for the convenience of a “walk-away” lease with low upfront costs. Different than a Full-Service lease in that the customer handles all maintenance of the units, this can be an effective way to accomplish a more structured buying and replacement cycle without being subject to volatile used-equipment prices.  

PacLease Trucks

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