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About Us

image descriptionThe Pete Store, LLC is a Peterbilt dealer group with locations from Boston to Georgia. Founded in 2001, The Pete Store has experienced consistent growth through our commitment to offering award-winning Peterbilt trucks and world-class support.

We offer a full range of products and services to support the trucking industry. To learn more about each, please visit the following pages: new model showroom, truck search, service, body shop, parts, leasing, and financing.

Here at The Pete Store we live by eight simple principles that act as our “Rules of the Road”. Success comes in many different forms - this is how we define it.

  1. Under committing and over delivering
    Do what you say, then do a little more.
  2. Providing products of outstanding quality
    We will offer the very best products available and only represent brands that reflect our high standards.
  3. Knowing honesty is the ONLY policy
    When you tell the truth the outcome is always better than the alternative. Let there never be a question as to our integrity.
  4. Creating lasting relationships
    Whether its vendors, customers, or co-workers, it is vital that we take genuine interest in getting to know others for who they are as people, rather than what they can do for us.
  5. Serving our community
    We are fortunate to live and work in many great communities. As a company, and as individuals, we have a responsibility to help make them even better.
  6. Asking "how can we do it better?"
    Our industry will never stop changing. There is always a better method, approach, or process and it is our responsibility to find it.
  7. Providing EXTRAordinary service
    It is not enough to deliver the best service in our industry. Our goal is to provide the best service our customers have ever received, anywhere.
  8. Being humble
    We will have many accomplishments to be proud of, but we must never be arrogant or boastful about them. Instead, we will carry with us a quiet confidence in our ability and an understanding that what we do will speak for itself.

Making a Difference

We are committed to making a tangible, sustainable difference in our communities. As part of this commitment The Pete Store and its subsidiaries donate thousands of dollars per year through our unique employee driven donation program. We have developed an ongoing philanthropic partnership with The First Response Team of America, a non-profit organization who deploys to disaster stricken areas throughout the United States in the first critical hours to bring hope and help to those who need it most.

In addition, we have developed ongoing philanthropic partnerships with two exceptional non-profit organizations: the Starkey Hearing Foundation and the First Response Team of America.

About The Starkey Hearing Foundation
The Starkey Hearing Foundation travels the world delivering the gift of hearing to those in need - completely free of charge. Starkey currently fits more than 100,000 hearing aids each year, well ahead of it’s goal to to fit 1 million hearing aids in this decade. To learn more about the Starkey Hearing Foundation and how you can help, visit www.StarkeyHearingFoundation.org

About The First Response Team of America
By studying the the weather patterns and communicating with leading meteorologists, The First Response Team pre-positions $1 million of specialized equipment to respond to natural disasters throughout the United States.

The team helps fill the gap between the initial onset of a disaster and traditional relief agencies to bring help and hope to communities when they need it most. To learn more about The First Response Team and how you can help, visit www.FirstResponseTeam.Org or view the videos below.

Watch the First Response Team of America's Peterbilt truck reveal at the Denton, TX factory with commentary by Tad Agoglia (First Response Team of America founder)

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